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What People Are Saying


Olivia is a true guide! She is willing to spend time until you gain an understanding of yourself and the world around you. I am in love with her wisdom! Being a first-generation immigrant and a minority I came to her program with lots of fears, anxiety and imposter syndrome about my future career goals and aspirations that hindered my ability to connect with others and recognize the value I hold for the world. Through her guidance and coaching I experienced so many breakthroughs. It felt like doors were opening, one after the other and I was gaining a clear sense of who I am through diving deep into my emotions and my life experiences. The tools and the meditations she provides are for a life-time. Even after the program, I am able to continue to experience breakthroughs. That’s the beauty of this program and I do not regret trusting and investing in myself."

- Hawraa A., Biotech Startup Lead Clinical Coordinator, San Francisco, CA

Getting clear on my purpose in the middle of the program when I was feeling uninspired was a great shift and unknowingly exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!”

- Christina, Environmental Justice Community Advocate, Fresno, CA

“This program almost feels like a soul school! I went into PTT as an already pretty grounded and present person. I practice gratitude and mindfulness everyday. But after these past few months, I can confidently say I am feeling more aligned than ever. I feel like I’ve stepped into my flow and it’s incredible to see the changes I’ve made over the past few months!"

- Tiana C., Organization Coach and Childcare Teacher, Eugene, OR

What they are saying…


My life has changed so much since working with Olivia! I feel I’ve made huge strides in understanding and building my life’s purpose. I have healed a significant past emotional trauma and feel incredibly empowered to keep healing these past traumas as they come up for me. And for confidence--I feel we practiced techniques that allowed me to begin finding my true self--someone who is capable and who already has everything she needs to succeed.”

— Monica B., New York, NY



Trauma and pain hinders the ability to develop your full potential. Living in the shadows out of fear and shame does not allow you to offer your precious gifts needed in this world. Coach Olivia Lee will help you navigate through your new and exciting path with empathy, wisdom and the support you need to make your life extraordinary. Her powerful and meaningful conversations will inspire your life into action just like she did with mine. It was a true connection with her genuine self. Forever grateful.”


Yanira, Life Coach, Puerto Rico

Sustainable Result

Olivia is an ethereal, intuitive, and very efficient life coach. Choosing to work with her has been an amazing investment. At first I was hesitant with the cost, but I trusted my instincts and was quickly met with breakthrough after breakthrough. Having someone to keep me accountable and dedicated to my self-care and growth has been truly transformative. I'm super excited to continue working with her after Power to Thrive to cultivate my own business!”

Hector, Undergraduate Student, San Jose, CA

“Olivia is a very kind and understanding person when it comes to helping people who suffer from PTSD. She makes the process of opening up and discussing trauma easier than any coaches or therapists I know. Olivia is really easy to talk with, since she provides a safe zone for whomever approaches her seeking for help. She is not judgmental at all. And she also asks very good questions that help highlight and explain some important issues that I’ve been dealing with. Her advice were helpful, as well as the methods that she suggested to me for my PTSD.”

Passant N., Graphic Designer & Women’s Advocate, Egypt

First breakthrough was getting to my Inner Critic. Never before have I been able to communicate and actually learn from my Inner Critic - it always felt beyond my control. But now I know exactly who they are, where their influences come from, and how I can work with my critic in order to move past self-limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities. Second would be my level of letting go - there is POWERFUL work done with letting go of the parts that no longer serve you. Even if those parts don't fully go away, the start of being intentional with letting go in PTT helped immensely with my own journey of bring intentional on letting go of what doesn't serve me. And third was just how POWERFUL I truly am! Having the sisterhood and safe circle to share our true feelings and experiences was so liberating, especially when hearing from my fellow sisters how much I've grown and what power I already had within me. That's given me a new sense of self and a spark to start my fire again when I'm feeling down.”

— Ariel, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Seattle, WA


More Transformations


“Every week that passed by, I felt myself getting closer and growing with the cohort. Olivia did a really great job facilitating and doing her best to gauge everyone's energy to make sure she’s giving them enough support. My main takeaway from PTT is to be true and kind to myself, despite all of the pressures and expectations put upon me. Olivia helped me navigate and understand the feelings and overcome. I also learned to love and care for myself in a more intentional way. I can definitely say I do love myself more and it feels amazing!! Thanks so much again Olivia, you've been so so wonderful and I will definitely keep in touch and keep you updated on my growth and journey after college!”

- Jessica, College Graduate, San Francisco, CA

Olivia is an absolute sunshine and a gift from above! I enjoyed every session and PTT showed me that I am not alone in my struggles and that we are going through the same/similar life experiences. The giving myself grace and forgiveness were things I didn’t know I needed. I try to practice grace with myself now. Thank you so much, Olivia, for healing yourself and in the process, helping others like me heal. I do not know how I would be like now if I hadn’t gotten intervention in time. ❤️❤️”

- Adele, IT Consultant, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Olivia has such a natural positive spirit and it was so great to see her + the other people every single week. It helped keep me afloat during an odd transitional time in my life and helped me have accountability to my growth + remember to show up for myself and be patient with all the change that was happening in my life. I enjoyed seeing the way that Olivia was persistent in her way of providing coaching for everyone, and continued to push through difficult voices that each of us embodied. She really did her best to ensure that we were satisfied and felt like we were heard and we knew how to move forward with our issues beyond the call.

- Angela, Media Intern and Artist, Beijing, China


Family and friends are seeing the change!

“I had breakthroughs after breakthroughs! Learning to talk with anger and hear her out, she is trying to help me! In understanding where my guilt was coming from, a childhood experience that had been traumatic and I had repressed for many years. Olivia is such an amazing soul that I felt super connected and understood every time!”

— Maria, Entrepreneur & Mentor, Toronto, Canada


More Transformations

“I feel more sure of myself and what I am doing. Prior, I felt a lot of fear and anxiety about my increased visibility on social platforms when I launched my coaching program. Working with Olivia helped me better cope with what I was feeling, and it also helped open my eyes to practices I can incorporate when needed to remind myself why I am doing the work.”

— Emily L., Relationship Coach, Los Angeles, CA

“Before, I was cautiously optimistic. I had faith in Olivia’s abilities, but I was also worried that the burdens that I carried around for years would accompany me for the rest of my life with no reprieve. After, I was simply…optimistic, and I have not felt that way in a long time. The wisdom Olivia gave me allowed me to access my own wisdom that up until now I couldn’t perceive or even outright rejected. I am very grateful to have someone like Olivia in my life.”

— Kalan, PhD Student, Irvine, CA


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